1- Had a good look at Jardan furniture over the weekend. They have some beautiful pieces, all made to order in Melbourne by hand. Spotted this fantastic Aquabumps print called Mediterranean Melt. It’d look fantastic in my office, or just about anywhere really.

2- I think I’ll have to get my hands on the Zimmermann Winsome Flutter Playsuit in black before the summer is out. It also comes in pastel pink and blue, but I love the simplicity of the black. It’s perfect party dressing for the holidays. Sure it’s pricey, but cost per wear, right? 

3- Would someone please get me this gorgeous Fossil backpack for Christmas. Yes it’s designed for men, but it’s everything I want in a hiking bag.

4 – Had a lovely long walk by the river under the supermoon last night. NASA says the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 2034. The true full moon actually happened early this morning, so it should be pretty spectacular tonight also.


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