1 – The fiddle leaf fig obsession continues unabated. Brisbane seems to be enjoying a particularly lush crop right now and I just can’t think of a room that wouldn’t be better with a fiddle leaf in it. If you’re in Brisbane and you need more fiddle leafs in your life, head to the Cottage Garden Nursery  – just don’t buy them all, because at this rate I’m probably going to need another 1 (or 2!). Image via Lonny.

2 – I’m thinking this beautiful Flannel slip dress will be perfect for the Aussie summer. Party season is coming after all.

3 – When friends suggest pancakes for dinner you should go with that because breakfast for dinner is always a good idea. I like to start with this buttermilk pancake base and layer up with blueberry compote and Donna Hay’s ricotta cream which is a mix of ricotta, a little real maple syrup and lemon zest. And berries and flowers. Of course. 

4 – These J-Crew earrings would make the perfect Christmas gift for a certain sagittarius I know. The colour description is ‘warm sun’ which I love.


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