Café Gratitude is a bit of a Venice institution and with good reason. If you’re looking for a healthy meal with a healthy dose of good vibes, get down here pronto.

Everything on offer is 100% organic, plant based and 100% delicious.

You could, and probably should (you’re in L.A!), kick things off with a wellness elixir.

I had the vitamin-c shot which included orange juice, carrot juice and goji berries. It was pleasant with a bit of a kick to it and only $4.00.

You could go all-out and get a $25 probiotic shot containing Progurt, which promises to deliver 1 trillion live probiotic microorganisms. It comes with seasonal juice and is supposed to stay in your system for about a week.  Our gorgeous friend Miss A tried this and she did feel great afterwards, though that could also be a side-effect of being on a Californian road-trip with your girlfriends, right?!

The fitout is light, bright and airy. There is also plenty of outdoor seating available. Nothing fussy, but very nice all round.


The menu items are named things like ‘Blessed’ and ‘Grounded’.

When you order you’re encouraged to say ‘I am …..’, and your server will repeat it back to you, in positive-affirmation form.

I had the buckwheat flax pancakes which were called ‘open-hearted’ so when I ordered the lovely server said ‘thank you, you are open-hearted’.


It may sound a little silly, but it’s actually done very genuinely. You can’t help getting a warm and fuzzy feeling from the whole experience, especially as you go around the table and all your friends order in this way.

The buckwheat pancakes definitely tasted healthy and were filling. I’m sure nutritionally they would leave for dead most pancakes you typically find on a traditional breakfast menu. Go ahead and add the cashew cream, it adds a touch of sweetness and is a nice addition.

Here is a shot of the ‘Grounded’, being baked heirloom potatoes served fiesta style with a gorgeous salsa.


One of the particularly good orders from our group was the Mint Smoothie. It was like a clean version of mint choc chip ice-cream. Someone please come to my apartment and make me one of these every morning, thanks!!

If you’re in LA for a little while, you might want to give one of the cleanse meal plans a try. They offer 1, 3 or 5 day packages including raw salads, juices and smoothies. I’m sure they would all be amazing, and they appear to be discounted for January.

Now to the ideas part of this post. Being such an uplifting place, its no surprise that Cafe Gratitude run their business by a method they refer to as ‘Sacred Commerce’.

The founders of the Cafe, Matthew and Terces Engelhart have put particular effort into creating a unique working environment based on the spirit of abundance. If you’re interested in reading more about this, they teach this method through their Eternal Presence educational platform. For a workplace it means things like a no gossip policy, which seems like a pretty good idea.

It’s certainly created a beautiful environment for the customer at Cafe Gratitude so I’m looking forward to reading more about it. I’ll report back once I’ve finished reading their book, Sacred Commerce, which you can buy at the cafe.

Trip Notes:

  • The Venice address is 512 Rose Ave, Venice, CA. If you’re driving you can turn off Rose Ave into 5th Ave and access the underground car park. With validation and a stay of less than 90 mins this was free for us.
  • Make sure you check out the great shops along Rose Avenue, which has emerged as another great street in Venice to rival the more well known Abbot Kinney Boulevard.
  • There are also Cafe Gratitude outposts at Larchmont which is closer to Hollywood, Downtown L.A. and in San Diego.
  • The sister restaurant to Gratitude is Gracias Madre – another of our favourites and an absolute must visit when in town.




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