Much of the east coast of Oz is battling through grey, rainy conditions right now as an ex-tropical cyclone makes its way off the coast.

So – a good dose of colour is in order today. And that means one thing – it’s time for a meeting of the David Hockney fan club. Who’s excited??

David Hockney is quite simply a living legend of the art world. This summer the NGV in Melbourne featured over a thousand of his works from the last decade.

Incredibly many of his latest pieces, including some stunning large Yosemite landscapes, were actually drawn on an ipad!

For me, this is type of art I really love. Nothing too political about it, just works full of colour that celebrate nature and feel vibrant and alive.

Here are 10 of my favourite images –

The exhibition starts with a room of iPhone and ipad drawings, many on backlit screens making them appear super vibrant.

There’s an abundance of still lifes, sunsets and flowers. All beautiful and whimsical.

I loved the Arrival of Spring pieces drawn in 2011 in East Yorkshire. The pieces have a really peaceful and hopeful feeling about them.

The Yosemite collection is flat-out amazing. Again, drawn on an ipad which is phenomenal.

You can’t really tell here but these are enormous pieces, taking up almost the entire gallery walls.

This one might be the most impressive piece in the exhibition. The drawing is presented on a group of 55 inch screens, which are animated to show the actual drawing process.

The final room of the exhibition features The Four Seasons – a display of 4 high def video pieces captured from equipment mounted to the artist’s car while driving in the countryside.

Here’s Spring –

And Autumn –

If you missed the exhibition in person, but would like to see more you can buy the book here. I promise you it makes one gorgeous coffee table book.




1- Had a good look at Jardan furniture over the weekend. They have some beautiful pieces, all made to order in Melbourne by hand. Spotted this fantastic Aquabumps print called Mediterranean Melt. It’d look fantastic in my office, or just about anywhere really.

2- I think I’ll have to get my hands on the Zimmermann Winsome Flutter Playsuit in black before the summer is out. It also comes in pastel pink and blue, but I love the simplicity of the black. It’s perfect party dressing for the holidays. Sure it’s pricey, but cost per wear, right? 

3- Would someone please get me this gorgeous Fossil backpack for Christmas. Yes it’s designed for men, but it’s everything I want in a hiking bag.

4 – Had a lovely long walk by the river under the supermoon last night. NASA says the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 2034. The true full moon actually happened early this morning, so it should be pretty spectacular tonight also.


The Mission. Great culture, amazing food, so much to see.  Really – you’re just bragging now San Francisco.  Granted, not in a Taylor Swift on Independence Day kinda way – more like a Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her natural state kind of way, because you can’t help it if you’re amazing and we get that.  And we love you.  And we love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Here’s our top 3 things not to miss in The Mission.

1 – The Murals

The architecture of San Fran is gorgeous, period. Even in the late afternoon light it’s stunning.


The murals in The Mission bring an additional hit of life and colour.  They make the streets sing.  It’s like Melbourne’s Hosier Lane on steroids, if Hosier Lane (admittedly, home to our beloved Movida) was jam packed with super cool, authentic Mexican eateries.


The Getty Center

Forget ‘get him to The Greek’ (sorry Russell, sorry Jonah) if you come to LA, even for just a few days, get yourself to The Getty, a privately owned and all sorts of amazing gallery in LA.

Before we get to the art, let’s talk about The Getty Center itself.  Now, even if you’ve never been to LA, you’ve probably heard of The Getty.

The Getty Center exists because of of J.Paul Getty, a very interesting American oil billionaire and art collector. He was involved in a fascinating hostage negotiation when his grandson was kidnapped in Rome. Amazing stuff – definitely google it (right after you finish reading this riveting post, of course).

After Getty’s death in the 70s, his entire collection was left to The Getty Trust. Architect extraordinaire Richard Meier was commissioned to create The Getty Center and after much hard work, it opened to the public in 1997.

We did a free guided architecture tour, meeting our guide on the bench outside the main entrance door at 3pm. We very much recommend this. You get to stroll the beautiful grounds in the afternoon sunshine and learn the story of how this amazing place came to be. Perfect.READ MORE