1 – The fiddle leaf fig obsession continues unabated. Brisbane seems to be enjoying a particularly lush crop right now and I just can’t think of a room that wouldn’t be better with a fiddle leaf in it. If you’re in Brisbane and you need more fiddle leafs in your life, head to the Cottage Garden Nursery  – just don’t buy them all, because at this rate I’m probably going to need another 1 (or 2!). Image via Lonny.

2 – I’m thinking this beautiful Flannel slip dress will be perfect for the Aussie summer. Party season is coming after all.

3 – When friends suggest pancakes for dinner you should go with that because breakfast for dinner is always a good idea. I like to start with this buttermilk pancake base and layer up with blueberry compote and Donna Hay’s ricotta cream which is a mix of ricotta, a little real maple syrup and lemon zest. And berries and flowers. Of course. 

4 – These J-Crew earrings would make the perfect Christmas gift for a certain sagittarius I know. The colour description is ‘warm sun’ which I love.


A beach weekend is always a good idea. But if you combine that with the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, it moves out of good idea territory and into get your togs and book it to the airport right now territory.

Port Douglas. A truly incredible town, so stunning and so fun and the only place on earth where two World Heritage Sites actually meet.

So when the question pops up – should we long weekend in Port Douglas? The answer is an easy one (You Already Know feat. Port Douglas,

First up, it’s super easy to get to. Carins is just a two hour flight from Brisbane (three hours from Sydney) and just like that, you’ll feel the tropical north the second you get off the plane.

The drive to Port Douglas takes about an hour and is super picturesque.   You’ll also love the fact that it’s super straightforward – just follow the main road leading from Cairns up the Coast for an hour and you’re there.

Make a quick detour to Palm Cove (about 20 minutes into the drive) for amazing brunch spots and views like this.





Right now our love for Queenstown knows no bounds. 

It’s natural beauty and endless list of excellent-outdoor-pursuits make it one hell of a town.

And it’s got some pretty great dining options. Here are the ones from our QT trips that we think you shouldn’t miss.

Best breakfast spot – Bespoke Kitchen 

Get your day off to a great start with brekky at Bespoke.


Order a side of kumara with your eggs (as in the main picture)  it’s a mix of crunchy, almost caramalised sweet potato that comes with brussel sprouts and is delicious.

Their cabinet is full of great things, perfect for picking up some lunch to take up to the ski-fields. Lots of raw treats here too.




The Mission. Great culture, amazing food, so much to see.  Really – you’re just bragging now San Francisco.  Granted, not in a Taylor Swift on Independence Day kinda way – more like a Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her natural state kind of way, because you can’t help it if you’re amazing and we get that.  And we love you.  And we love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Here’s our top 3 things not to miss in The Mission.

1 – The Murals

The architecture of San Fran is gorgeous, period. Even in the late afternoon light it’s stunning.


The murals in The Mission bring an additional hit of life and colour.  They make the streets sing.  It’s like Melbourne’s Hosier Lane on steroids, if Hosier Lane (admittedly, home to our beloved Movida) was jam packed with super cool, authentic Mexican eateries.



When in San Fran, there are many reasons why you should get yourself down to the Ferry Marketplace. 

Here are our top 5:

1 – The building & history 

You know how we love a good building? Well, this is an excellent one. And it comes with good story.

Located on the Embarcadero at the end of Market Street, it opened in 1898 as a transport and commuter hub for those coming into the city.


Its beautiful clock tower was modelled on the bell tower at the Seville Cathedral in Spain

At its peak, about 50,000 people a day used the building when commuting by ferry to the city.

In the 30s, the opening of the Bay Bridge and the famous Golden Gate Bridge meant ferry usage dwindled and the space was largely converted into office space.

In the 50s a freeway was built right in front of the building, sadly making it much less visible. In 1989, an earthquake damaged that freeway and it was removed in 1991.

Happily, extensive renovations completed in 2003 have seen the building’s historical details restored.  The first floor is now a beautiful marketplace, showcasing the bay area’s best produce.

Ground floor of the Marketplace, today

Ground floor of the Marketplace, today



You’re living it up in Big Sur. All this hiking, beach-going and general exploring has made you hungry.

You want to eat somewhere funSomewhere with views. Maybe you’d also like some coffee that actually tastes good, while we’re at it?

Wow. You’re really quite demanding aren’t you?? 

Well don’t worry my friend –  we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top 3 places to eat in Big Sur.

1 – Nepenthe – best view


Open since 1949 this is a Big Sur institution with views to die for.

Head up to the rooftop area,  pull up a chair at the bench overlooking the ocean and order yourself The Famous Ambrosiaburger – a delicious steak sandwich, served on a french roll with their famous ambrosia sauce.

With bottles of ketchup on every table and happy staff rushing around distributing baskets of golden shoestring fries, this is a picture-perfect US road-trip pit-stop.

Miss A and I and that incredible view

You will find Nepenthes at 48510, Highway 1. This is right near the ‘Posts’ part of Big Sur.



Café Gratitude is a bit of a Venice institution and with good reason. If you’re looking for a healthy meal with a healthy dose of good vibes, get down here pronto.

Everything on offer is 100% organic, plant based and 100% delicious.

You could, and probably should (you’re in L.A!), kick things off with a wellness elixir.

I had the vitamin-c shot which included orange juice, carrot juice and goji berries. It was pleasant with a bit of a kick to it and only $4.00.

You could go all-out and get a $25 probiotic shot containing Progurt, which promises to deliver 1 trillion live probiotic microorganisms. It comes with seasonal juice and is supposed to stay in your system for about a week.  Our gorgeous friend Miss A tried this and she did feel great afterwards, though that could also be a side-effect of being on a Californian road-trip with your girlfriends, right?!



Welcome to Abbot Kinney. The most stylish block in Venice.

Here you can leave the bright lights of Hollywood (and chaos of LA traffic) behind you for a true taste of laid-back Californian style.

Named in honour of the property developer responsible for creating the famous Venice canals in 1905, Abbot Kinney is home to chic boutiques, bars, restaurants and art galleries.

Mr Kinney had a bold plan to recreate Venice Italy right here, near the beach. You can read more about his fascinating ideas for the area here. His plans didn’t exactly turn out as intended and in 1929 the majority of the canals were built in for roads. Today only about one-third of the original canals remain. They are really pretty though!



Looking for a great place for dinner in LA? How about a few great cocktails on a chic rooftop bar with your night out?

Well cease your search my friends we’ve found a place, EP & LP in West Hollywood, that ticks all the boxes.

Open just last May, this hot new venue is has a lot of Aussie talent behind it with Chef Louis Tikaram, formerly of Longrain, at the helm and owners DJ Grant Smilie and David Combes having moved to LA to run things.

It’s a smart venue featuring modern Asian food which is something done so well in Australia, but is more light on the ground in LA.

The Aussie influence continues to the interiors with Projects of Imagination (think Chin Chin in Melbourne) responsible for the cool aesthetic.

Image by Daniel Collopy

So what is this EP/ LP business?



In today’s style post we visit the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Lucky us, as this is truly a gorgeous spot.

This ultra beautiful hotel dates back to 1912 and was originally designed in Mediterranean revival style, as were a lot of properties in California at the time. The pink exterior was an addition by owners in the 40s. As someone who grew up in a pink house, I’ve got to say I love a pink exterior!

To our delight the hotel still features its classic dusty pink and green tones today.

The Polo Lounge itself is steeped in Hollywood history. It was even a favourite dining spot of the Rat Pack.

Today, it’s still known as a spot where Hollywood types talk business over breakfast. There must be some truth to this rumour as we did hear the people at our neighbouring table casually discussing the progress of their album.

More importantly, we also saw the President of NBC on his phone making a deal! Well, OK, we actually saw Bob Balaban who played Russell the President of NBC on Seinfeld, although this is even better right?!

OK, back to the design (and the breakfast, for those interested).