1.If you’ve seen Kanye’s recent NY fashion show, then this may very well be the outfit palette cleanser you need.  And I say that as someone who loves Kanye.  I would love to buy all of this, but especially THOSE PANTS.  All of my summer style dreams come true.

2. It’s jacaranda season and as our Nana would always say, they’re glorious.  They are everywhere and they are spectacular.  No link included here – these jacarandas are best enjoyed on an early morning walk, just after sunrise.

3. Now to my spiritual home, JCrew.   Because, in a truth universally acknowledged, there are shoes and then there are shiny ponies.  And trust me when I tell you, you want to be wearing the shiny ponies.  I’ve been eyeing these beauties for a while and I’m thinking that means we’re meant to be.

4. Regular readers of know how much we love the ocean and even more so, the beautiful creatures who call it home.   Last week Long Form (a lunchtime reading fav) linked to The Deepest Dig, a November 2014 feature from The California Sunday Magazine about deep sea ocean drilling.  As writer Brooke Jarvis says, we’ve mapped out more of the planet Mars then we have the deepest depths of our own oceans.   As a practice deep sea drilling is very new, so the question is – how can we even foresee the impacts, in an environment we truly know so little about?  There’s the potential that sediment, having been disturbed from the seafloor, may mix into the water and suffocate marine life.  Fluids and metals, if not handled correctly when mined, could spill and kill reefs.  Seamount crust mining essentially means the removal of underwater mountaintops, which have been home to sea creatures and other marine life for thousands of years.  It’s a must read for anyone who treasures the oceans.  Photo credit, Corey Arnold.



Café Gratitude is a bit of a Venice institution and with good reason. If you’re looking for a healthy meal with a healthy dose of good vibes, get down here pronto.

Everything on offer is 100% organic, plant based and 100% delicious.

You could, and probably should (you’re in L.A!), kick things off with a wellness elixir.

I had the vitamin-c shot which included orange juice, carrot juice and goji berries. It was pleasant with a bit of a kick to it and only $4.00.

You could go all-out and get a $25 probiotic shot containing Progurt, which promises to deliver 1 trillion live probiotic microorganisms. It comes with seasonal juice and is supposed to stay in your system for about a week.  Our gorgeous friend Miss A tried this and she did feel great afterwards, though that could also be a side-effect of being on a Californian road-trip with your girlfriends, right?!