Much of the east coast of Oz is battling through grey, rainy conditions right now as an ex-tropical cyclone makes its way off the coast.

So – a good dose of colour is in order today. And that means one thing – it’s time for a meeting of the David Hockney fan club. Who’s excited??

David Hockney is quite simply a living legend of the art world. This summer the NGV in Melbourne featured over a thousand of his works from the last decade.

Incredibly many of his latest pieces, including some stunning large Yosemite landscapes, were actually drawn on an ipad!

For me, this is type of art I really love. Nothing too political about it, just works full of colour that celebrate nature and feel vibrant and alive.

Here are 10 of my favourite images –

The exhibition starts with a room of iPhone and ipad drawings, many on backlit screens making them appear super vibrant.

There’s an abundance of still lifes, sunsets and flowers. All beautiful and whimsical.

I loved the Arrival of Spring pieces drawn in 2011 in East Yorkshire. The pieces have a really peaceful and hopeful feeling about them.

The Yosemite collection is flat-out amazing. Again, drawn on an ipad which is phenomenal.

You can’t really tell here but these are enormous pieces, taking up almost the entire gallery walls.

This one might be the most impressive piece in the exhibition. The drawing is presented on a group of 55 inch screens, which are animated to show the actual drawing process.

The final room of the exhibition features The Four Seasons – a display of 4 high def video pieces captured from equipment mounted to the artist’s car while driving in the countryside.

Here’s Spring –

And Autumn –

If you missed the exhibition in person, but would like to see more you can buy the book here. I promise you it makes one gorgeous coffee table book.



So Archer and I may have just booked a last-minute, post-Christmas, whistle-stop trip to Rome.

I adore Rome, especially in the winter. Everything about this trip just felt right, so in a very seize the day frame of mind, we booked it!

Now it’s time to workshop some gorgeous winter outfits. And yes, I do realise I just said that on the middle of a 32 degree day in good old sunny Queensland.



1 – Regular readers will know of my love for all things khaki, British tan and navy. I feel like this Scotch & Soda jacket has a little bit of a Mochino vibe going on and is therefore very Rome appropriate.

2- My friends will probably laugh at the idea of me in flats, but I’m quite liking the athletic look right now. I flirted with the idea of Nikes, but I think I’ll stay loyal to Adidas and these particular kicks for the foreseeable future.

3 –   I love this Equipment shirt. I know it’s pretty expensive, but the description does say its a ‘versatile staple’.  Can’t argue with that. And it feels great on.



4 – When it comes to Jeans, we’re all about Melbourne label Nobody Denim right now. These beauties are super comfy and a great fit.

5 – It’s not every day that a Brisbane girl gets to wear over-the-knee boots, so these Wittner Ebbony Boots will definitely make the suitcase cut. Wearing these to get some espresso on the Via Veneto = the perfect day.

6 – And finally I feel like if there’s a time and a place for this Cue silver bomber jacket, it’s Rome in winter. And it’s on sale, which can only be a good sign.

Happy Holidays everyone xx



1- Had a good look at Jardan furniture over the weekend. They have some beautiful pieces, all made to order in Melbourne by hand. Spotted this fantastic Aquabumps print called Mediterranean Melt. It’d look fantastic in my office, or just about anywhere really.

2- I think I’ll have to get my hands on the Zimmermann Winsome Flutter Playsuit in black before the summer is out. It also comes in pastel pink and blue, but I love the simplicity of the black. It’s perfect party dressing for the holidays. Sure it’s pricey, but cost per wear, right? 

3- Would someone please get me this gorgeous Fossil backpack for Christmas. Yes it’s designed for men, but it’s everything I want in a hiking bag.

4 – Had a lovely long walk by the river under the supermoon last night. NASA says the full moon won’t come this close to Earth again until 2034. The true full moon actually happened early this morning, so it should be pretty spectacular tonight also.



1.If you’ve seen Kanye’s recent NY fashion show, then this may very well be the outfit palette cleanser you need.  And I say that as someone who loves Kanye.  I would love to buy all of this, but especially THOSE PANTS.  All of my summer style dreams come true.

2. It’s jacaranda season and as our Nana would always say, they’re glorious.  They are everywhere and they are spectacular.  No link included here – these jacarandas are best enjoyed on an early morning walk, just after sunrise.

3. Now to my spiritual home, JCrew.   Because, in a truth universally acknowledged, there are shoes and then there are shiny ponies.  And trust me when I tell you, you want to be wearing the shiny ponies.  I’ve been eyeing these beauties for a while and I’m thinking that means we’re meant to be.

4. Regular readers of know how much we love the ocean and even more so, the beautiful creatures who call it home.   Last week Long Form (a lunchtime reading fav) linked to The Deepest Dig, a November 2014 feature from The California Sunday Magazine about deep sea ocean drilling.  As writer Brooke Jarvis says, we’ve mapped out more of the planet Mars then we have the deepest depths of our own oceans.   As a practice deep sea drilling is very new, so the question is – how can we even foresee the impacts, in an environment we truly know so little about?  There’s the potential that sediment, having been disturbed from the seafloor, may mix into the water and suffocate marine life.  Fluids and metals, if not handled correctly when mined, could spill and kill reefs.  Seamount crust mining essentially means the removal of underwater mountaintops, which have been home to sea creatures and other marine life for thousands of years.  It’s a must read for anyone who treasures the oceans.  Photo credit, Corey Arnold.





1 – The fiddle leaf fig obsession continues unabated. Brisbane seems to be enjoying a particularly lush crop right now and I just can’t think of a room that wouldn’t be better with a fiddle leaf in it. If you’re in Brisbane and you need more fiddle leafs in your life, head to the Cottage Garden Nursery  – just don’t buy them all, because at this rate I’m probably going to need another 1 (or 2!). Image via Lonny.

2 – I’m thinking this beautiful Flannel slip dress will be perfect for the Aussie summer. Party season is coming after all.

3 – When friends suggest pancakes for dinner you should go with that because breakfast for dinner is always a good idea. I like to start with this buttermilk pancake base and layer up with blueberry compote and Donna Hay’s ricotta cream which is a mix of ricotta, a little real maple syrup and lemon zest. And berries and flowers. Of course. 

4 – These J-Crew earrings would make the perfect Christmas gift for a certain sagittarius I know. The colour description is ‘warm sun’ which I love.


A beach weekend is always a good idea. But if you combine that with the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, it moves out of good idea territory and into get your togs and book it to the airport right now territory.

Port Douglas. A truly incredible town, so stunning and so fun and the only place on earth where two World Heritage Sites actually meet.

So when the question pops up – should we long weekend in Port Douglas? The answer is an easy one (You Already Know feat. Port Douglas,

First up, it’s super easy to get to. Carins is just a two hour flight from Brisbane (three hours from Sydney) and just like that, you’ll feel the tropical north the second you get off the plane.

The drive to Port Douglas takes about an hour and is super picturesque.   You’ll also love the fact that it’s super straightforward – just follow the main road leading from Cairns up the Coast for an hour and you’re there.

Make a quick detour to Palm Cove (about 20 minutes into the drive) for amazing brunch spots and views like this.





Today’s question – where to stay in Byron Bay?

For a relatively small town, Byron sure packs a punch. Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches, bars and restaurants.

And there are almost as many accom options as there are cars trying to get a park at Wategos.

So where to stay when you’re lucky enough to be in this extra-gorgeous part of the world?

Here are our 2 favourite options, both set in stunning natural surrounds. One – high end, the other fantastically budget friendly.

We’ve been staying at both of these places for years now and we always have great experiences at both.



The Mission. Great culture, amazing food, so much to see.  Really – you’re just bragging now San Francisco.  Granted, not in a Taylor Swift on Independence Day kinda way – more like a Julia Louis-Dreyfus in her natural state kind of way, because you can’t help it if you’re amazing and we get that.  And we love you.  And we love Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Here’s our top 3 things not to miss in The Mission.

1 – The Murals

The architecture of San Fran is gorgeous, period. Even in the late afternoon light it’s stunning.


The murals in The Mission bring an additional hit of life and colour.  They make the streets sing.  It’s like Melbourne’s Hosier Lane on steroids, if Hosier Lane (admittedly, home to our beloved Movida) was jam packed with super cool, authentic Mexican eateries.



There’s something very gorgeous about a cable car ride in San Fran.

Yes it’s touristy. But it’s also super fun.  

The cars are classic and pretty. Full of historic charm. And they go surprisingly fast.

A ride on one will get you a good look at some of the beautiful, colourful San Fran architecture. And you’ll finish up right near the bay (and dangerously close, in fact, to an In-N-Out Burger).

Here’s the start of the line at the Market Street Turntable –


If you’re in town visiting and staying near Fisherman’s Wharf, the cable cars are a great way to get back to your accommodation from a shopping trip at the Union Square, Market Street and Powell Street shops.

What’s not to love?



When in San Fran, there are many reasons why you should get yourself down to the Ferry Marketplace. 

Here are our top 5:

1 – The building & history 

You know how we love a good building? Well, this is an excellent one. And it comes with good story.

Located on the Embarcadero at the end of Market Street, it opened in 1898 as a transport and commuter hub for those coming into the city.


Its beautiful clock tower was modelled on the bell tower at the Seville Cathedral in Spain

At its peak, about 50,000 people a day used the building when commuting by ferry to the city.

In the 30s, the opening of the Bay Bridge and the famous Golden Gate Bridge meant ferry usage dwindled and the space was largely converted into office space.

In the 50s a freeway was built right in front of the building, sadly making it much less visible. In 1989, an earthquake damaged that freeway and it was removed in 1991.

Happily, extensive renovations completed in 2003 have seen the building’s historical details restored.  The first floor is now a beautiful marketplace, showcasing the bay area’s best produce.

Ground floor of the Marketplace, today

Ground floor of the Marketplace, today