Cayucos. A charming, tiny beach town two hours north of dreamy Santa Barbara.

We completed the drive to Cayucos at night, so it was certainly less scenic than the earlier leg of our day’s drive. Less scenic, but no less eventful.  

When Archer, Miss A and I are in a vehicle together you can pretty much guarantee 3 things will happen –

  1. We will blast every hip-hop/ rap track our little iPods can contain;
  2. I will consume my body weight in raw cashews and/or almonds; and
  3. We will find ourselves in some sort of police incident.

There we were, happily cruising into the night down Highway 1 when it happened.

First the flashing lights, then the confusion – ‘us!?’ ‘do they mean us?’ ‘what did we do?’ ‘it can’t be us!’

Then came the loud-speaker, helpfully clearing up any confusion – ‘PULL OFF THE HIGHWAY ONTO THE DIRT’.

Whoa. They did mean us. Onto the dirt we went.

For the duration of our states trip, we joked about one of us having to do the famous walk-in-a-straight-line, touch-your-finger-to-your-nose sobriety test.

Tonight, Archer would get her opportunity.

Turns out if you’re driving slightly under the speed limit in the fast lane AND you’re just leaving Santa Barbara wine country, there’s a good chance the local highway patrol will think you’re a drunk-driver.

Archer wouldn’t dream of drinking and driving. So the question became – would she have the coordination to prove it?

We thought her chances were strong. After all, you don’t win year 1 swimming age champion and a slew of back-to-back netball finals without excellent coordination, right?

Archer and her steady gaze thankfully performed so well in the first test, she easily convinced the lovely trooper of her sobriety. She didn’t even have to perform the hilarious straight line walk-and-turn.

This was a bit of a shame for Miss A and I, enjoying the spectacle from the comfort of the Sportage.

Our only regret is not snapping any photographic evidence.

Safely back on the road and safely out of the fast lane, we drove on. We were pretty happy to make it to Cayucos and pull into the very pretty On the Beach Bed & Breakfast.

With a great location in the middle of town and right across from the beach, I had a feeling I’d like it here.


When I entered the restrooms off the guest lounge area, I knew for sure we’d picked great accommodation. The mermaids of the restroom it seems share the same life philosophy as me.


The rooms are huge, with beautiful big beds and a gas fireplace to warm things up. After a long day, we slept well.

We woke to the sound of rain and dragged ourselves out of bed to join the other guests at breakfast.

Our choice for the morning – waffles or a delicious ciabatta egg sandwich, made by some really lovely girls on staff at the B & B.

Before hitting the road again, we stretched our legs with a nice stroll around town.


Of course – you can’t visit Cayucos without a walk on the pier.


The Cayucos Pier has a great story, it was re-opened in October 2015 after reconstruction works where the community raised funds to the tune of $700,000 to save the pier.

There are gorgeous little plaques right along the pier with messages from people who have donated, either in memorial for someone or just because they love the place.


Cayucos also has a great biscuit shop called the Brown Butter Cookie Company. You’ll see it’s red exterior pretty much in the middle of the main street.

You’ll also smell the scent of delicious baking cookies wafting throughout the town.


You can try a free sample of any flavour you like. The cookies have a good shelf life of about a month and are quite reasonable at less than $4 for a small packet, so they make nice gifts to take home.

For us, legs stretched and our lungs filled with fresh sea air it was time to hit the road and continue our trip North to our next destination – the legendary Big Sur coast.

Trip Notes:

  • Not far out of Cayucos there is a famous Elephant Seal colony, around the area of the Piedras Blancas lighthouse. It’s definitely worth pulling over for a quick look. Look at these cuties –


  • From Cayucos its about 30 minutes to Hearst Castle an incredible mansion built on 127 acres of gardens by William Hearst and architect Julia Morgan. It’s a fascinating place. We only stopped and saw it from afar, but you take take tours if you have a few hours.

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