There are those subjects they just have to teach you in school.   English, geography, maths (they tried and I admit, when it comes to odds and working out potential Melbourne Cup winnings, Beth and I are both totally proficient), the art of playing it cool after your tennis team loses in the district final every year of high school – these are all important lessons.   What I really want to talk about though, is what they aren’t teaching in schools, but perhaps, what we should be teaching ourselves.

Fish tail braids is a need to know. Every bad hair day (and I’m talking even half-Greek girl hair, bad hair day) will be saved by a fish tail braid, which will leave you feeling cool and breezy and bohemian.

When in doubt, always chose red.  People say trust in the little black dress, but those people are wrong.  I should not have to tell you this.  I’m talking a red silk shirt for that job interview you have coming up, I’m talking red racerback togs in summer, I’m talking a slinky 90’s style strappy red dress for your ex-boyfriend’s wedding.  If 8 is the number of power and abundance, then red is it’s colour equivalent.  It’s the only life lesson Tiger actually got right.

You need to be able to drive a manual car.  You do.  This is not a funny suggestion, it’s a real suggestion. You also need to be comfortable driving said manual car in foreign countries on the other side of the road OR ELSE HOW YOU GONNA CALI ROAD TRIP!?

Which brings me to another mode of transport we all need to master, more ancient and definitely more beautiful.   Sailing.   Because when it comes to life goals, there aren’t many higher on both my list and Beth’s list, then learning to be really good sailors.

So when in San Francisco, what better way to explore the beautiful San Francisco Bay, then on a sailboat? Well, I guess you could top that, by getting down to Pier 39 and onto America’s Cup yacht USA 76? Sounds like a plan, because even stunning cities like San Francisco really do look their best when viewed from super fast racing yachts.

Oh. My. God.

Oh. My. God. That. View.  And how about the incredible San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge in the background! If you’re driving into San Fran from Monterey then this is the lovely bridge that will take you into town.

Now let’s talk sail boat for a minute, because I’ve learned that there are sail boats and then there are sail boats.   I’ve been sailing before but never on a boat like the USA 76 – an America’s Cup class yacht used by Team USA in their preparations to challenge for the 2003 America’s Cup.  It’s fast people and sailing it really does feel, oh so cool.

AC Sailing runs morning, afternoon and sunset sails on this beauty right here…

I know we’ve only just met, but I love you.

The best part – it’s super hands on, if you want it to be.  That means you can sit back, relax and take in the amazing views, or if you prefer, you can join in with the crew and sail the bay.  YOU PREFER, YOU PREFER!

You’ll learn to hoist the sails and trim the jib sheets and you’ll get to steer, especially cool because that’s when you can really feel the power of this amazing boat.

Work work work work work…

Things are looking up.

BYO Australian sunny day.

The only thing more beautiful then a sailboat in full sail, is a sailboat in full sail under the glorious Golden Gate bridge.

Why hello Golden Gate.

Even if you are participating in the sailing, there’s still plenty of time to take in what really is such a beautiful bay.

Even if you don't participate, there's still plenty of time to take in what really is such a beautiful bay.

It’s Alcatraz!

It was an incredible time.  We’re sea dogs at heart, but even if you’re not, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love this.

I LOVED IT but am yet to learn how to keep my eyes open when it's glarey.

I LOVED IT…and yes, somehow even in sunnies, I am still yet to master the whole keeping my eyes open for photos when it’s glary thing.

That said, if I haven’t yet convinced you to get your sail on…let’s just think this through:


  • Should you ever find yourself locked up at a reopened Alcatraz jail, your chances of breaking out will be greatly increased by your sailing experience, considering the bay is the only means of escape.  So I guess, pay more or less attention to the crew, depending on your criminal like tendencies?


  • Is there any more an appropriate time to rock breton stripes? The answer is no. Which makes for chic pics AND easy dressing in the morning.  On that note – my Queen Jenna Lyons breton stripes like nobody’s business. Case in point and ooh la la.


  • Think of the health benefits!  The sun, the sea air! And hoisting those sails was very welcome exercise for three girls who’d just spent the week prior eating Whole Foods out of their chocolate covered salted cashews.


My verdict: Two very enthusiastic thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

Trip Notes:

  • AC Sailing runs sailing tours of San Francisco Bay all year round, most days of the week.   To see their sailing schedule, click here.  We loved our morning sail on the bay, but I would love to sail at sunset next time as I can only imagine how beautiful San Francisco would look.  Tickets are $140.00 per person for day time sails and $170.00 per person for sunset sails.


  • Sunscreen and then more sunscreen – because somehow, the sun is always more potent when I’m out on the water, paddle boarding or kayaking or in this case, sailing, rather than beaching it.



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