In today’s style post we visit the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Lucky us, as this is truly a gorgeous spot.

This ultra beautiful hotel dates back to 1912 and was originally designed in Mediterranean revival style, as were a lot of properties in California at the time. The pink exterior was an addition by owners in the 40s. As someone who grew up in a pink house, I’ve got to say I love a pink exterior!

To our delight the hotel still features its classic dusty pink and green tones today.

The Polo Lounge itself is steeped in Hollywood history. It was even a favourite dining spot of the Rat Pack.

Today, it’s still known as a spot where Hollywood types talk business over breakfast. There must be some truth to this rumour as we did hear the people at our neighbouring table casually discussing the progress of their album.

More importantly, we also saw the President of NBC on his phone making a deal! Well, OK, we actually saw Bob Balaban who played Russell the President of NBC on Seinfeld, although this is even better right?!

OK, back to the design (and the breakfast, for those interested).

During the day, especially at breakfast, you’ll want to sit outside on the patio.

Here you can enjoy the pastel pink walls, white wrought-iron garden chairs and lovely established trees. If you’d like a little privacy, you could try one of the booths that feature on the sides.

The staff are beautiful and attentive and the breakfast and drinks delicious. I highly recommend the salmon Benedict with asparagus. That Hollandaise is worth every calorie.

Inside green features heavily with lots of upholstered booths where you can look out at the rest of the restaurant.


The rest of the hotel is also beautiful.

It’s well worth having a drive around the surrounding streets. There are some beautiful properties and of course plenty of stunning LA palm trees dotting the skyline.

Trip Notes:

  • The Beverly Hills Hotel is located right on Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills, 9641 Sunset Boulevard to be exact. Drive up the long palm tree lined drive-way to park.
  • On Sunday, they do a ‘brunch’ with live music so that might be worth a look.
  • Bookings can be made online, via OpenTable.

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