So you’re in California with your friends. The sun is out, the weather is warm and you’re having Baywatch flashbacks even though as an 8 year old your parents rarely let you watch the show.

There is now only one thing to do. Get yourselves down to Venice beach (80’s exercise gear optional).

Although if you’re an 80’s/early 90’s traditionalist rollerblades may seem a more appropriate option, a fantastic way to see this iconic part of California is to do so by bike.

Our Hotel Palihouse (more on this amazingness later) had free rental bikes, but there are plenty of places to hire bikes both along the boardwalk itself, and along the main roads of Santa Monica and Venice.

The boardwalk is perfectly set up for cycling with bike riders separated from pedestrians.


The ride itself is about 20 minutes each way (its about a 5km round-trip) but if you take about an hour you’ll have plenty of time to take the scene in and enjoy the view.

You’ll pass the famous Santa Monica Pier, take in the sights of Venice and there’s plenty of great people watching along the ride.


Considering all of your options in LA, a bike ride along this famous beach boardwalk is so economical and seriously, one of the most fun things you could do. We loved it.


Trip Notes:

  • If you start the bike ride north of the Pier (as in more towards Malibu rather than Venice) it can be a little difficult finding where to actually join the boardwalk. You can cycle on the path that runs along Ocean Avenue on the ocean side until you pass Santa Monica Pier heading south towards Venice, then you need to take a right on a road going down to the beach where you can join up with the boardwalk.


  • As with any touristy place, there are plenty of souvenir vendors around. You can avoid these easily if you like. Do not however avoid detouring to Café Gratitude on Rose Avenue, which is about halfway between Santa Monica and Venice.


  • Once you make it to Venice beach, treat yourself with a stop at one of our favourite boutiques, Flannel. This is a dreamy Australian label that has its US boutique at 1223 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice. We’ll take one of everything!

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